Our Players

Blazin’ Pianos is proud to present the best dueling piano players from all over the United States. We fly different entertainers in each weekend, so the show is always fresh and different. Now that we have moved into our own spacious venue, we are able to feature a wider variety of entertainment than ever before with more room to entertain!

Brad Heron

  • Hometown Gainesville, FL

Colleen DeFour

  • Hometown Ann Arbor, MI

Dave Hawke

  • Hometown Columbia, MO

Hannah Dowell

  • Hometown Kansas City, MO

Born and raised in Amarillo, TX, Hannah began studying Suzuki violin at the age of four. She was in her first opera production as a chorus member by the age of five, and remained an active performer with the Amarillo Opera Company all the way through high school, be it on stage or in the orchestra pit. In 2000, she moved to Kansas City, MO to continue her education at the UMKC Conservatory of Music in violin performance. After college, Hannah branched out to more rock and pop music, eventually touring Europe with her band “In the Pines”. She stumbled onto the world of dueling pianos in 2008 and was quickly able to incorporate her violin skills into the show. She trained at Howl at the Moon in Kansas City, and then moved to Ernie Biggs where she performed in Kansas City, Branson, Springfield, Little Rock, and Wichita. She is now in high demand, free-lancing and dazzling audiences all over the country with her unique talents.

Doug Marshall

  • Hometown Omaha, NE

Born and raised in Boston, Doug Marshall has been playing piano since he was 5 years old. He started as a professional dueling piano player in 1995. He has played dueling clubs from coast to coast including a 10 year stay at the top dueling club in Hollywood, California. He was asked by Disney to start dueling pianos on their cruise line, and also played a small solo tour in Germany and Norway. Doug loves to make the audience laugh, sing a long and "Forget about life for a while." He's an old school player who will make it a night to remember!

Drew DeFour

  • Hometown Ann Arbor, MI

Frank McGlynn

  • Hometown Detroit, MI

Frank McGlynn learned at a very young age that music would be his way of life. Studying piano, saxophone and percussion, Frank went on to be the Senior Drum Major of his high school's 310 piece marching band. After graduation he went on to march tenor sax in the Western Michigan University marching band. It was here he discovered dueling pianos which would take him to play all over the world. Working with companies such as Howl at the Moon, Crocodile Rocks, and Pete's dueling pianos has given him an edge in the dueling piano entertainment industry. His international gigs include Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Monarch of the Seas, Norwegian Cruise Line’s Epic, Breakaway, Getaway, and 2 years as the principle American entertainer for Crazy Pianos in Scheveningen, Netherlands.

Sean Rainey

  • Hometown New Haven, CT

Hailing from New Haven, CT, Sean Rainey is a professional piano bar entertainer who loves nothing more than to rock out with his crowds. He has a repertoire of over a 1000 songs spanning all genres, including some off-the-beaten-path tracks you might not expect at a piano bar. Mr. Rainey got his start dueling at Keys To The City in New Haven, as well as Pat O’Brians in San Antonio. In addition to being a dueling pianist, he also has a strong background in classical, jazz and ragtime music. Sean is also a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is known to break out the fiddle at shows to jam along to whatever gets thrown at him! His background gives him an exceptional “ear” for music, and his songwriting chops give him a unique approach of performing songs, and making them up on the spot. He is known for his high energy shows, charismatic stage presence, inventive sing-alongs and, of course, jumping on pianos with his fiddle.

Steve Savage

  • Hometown New York, NY

Davina Yanetty

  • Hometown Boston, MA

This feisty Italian-American has been playing piano since age 5. She spent years honing her skills in jazz combos and cover bands at bars and clubs across the country, singing and playing piano as well as ukulele, drums, bass, and whatever else she could get her hands on. Davina taught piano lessons full-time to youngsters as well as adults for 11 years in Massachusetts. She is known to some in her hometown of Boston as a singer-songwriter, and has been dubbed a "musical Swiss army knife" by local colleagues. Davina started dueling in 2011 at Howl at the Moon Boston, and is now a freelancer, impressing scores of folks all over the US and Europe, as well as passengers on Norwegian Cruise Lines. Hobbies include baking pizza, eating pizza, and coming up with ideas for new kinds of pizza. Davina is also a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and a railroad enthusiast.

Joel Norman

  • Hometown Chicago, IL

Brian Wilk

  • Hometown Ft. Lauderdale, FL

With leading roles in over 25 major motion home movies, the only thing "shy" about Brian is his height. At almost 6' tall and [unintelligible] lbs, Brian has often been described on stage as Robin Williams meets Howie Mandel. Playing piano since he was just 2 years old and dueling pianos for the last 20 years, performing and entertaining have been his entire life. Literally. And with both ADD and OCD, you can watch him meticulously organize and alphabetize the requests on the piano and at the same time … “WANNA RIDE BIKES?!"

Brandon Kent

  • Hometown Asheville, NC

Greg Asadoorian

  • Hometown Boston, MA

Greg Asadoorian is a globally recognized entertainer in various disciplines. For the past 20 years, his performances have been seen in over 30 U. S. piano bars and internationally in the Caribbean and Europe. Greg is a highly ­rated favorite in Aruba and in St. Maarten. He also works with Carnival and Norwegian cruise lines.

Upcoming Shows
  • Thursday, April 27
  • Friday, April 28
  • Saturday, April 29

Craig McMahan

Craig began working in dueling pianos in Michigan before permanently relocating to the Boston area. He's very active in dueling circles throughout New England and loves to come out to work at Blazin' Pianos whenever they need something taken down from the top shelf.

Lori Crane

She is a professional musician by night – an indie author by day. BESTSELLING AND AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR LORI CRANE IS A WRITER OF HISTORICAL FICTION AND THE OCCASIONAL THRILLER. Her books have climbed to the Kindle Top 100 lists many times, including “Elly Hays” which debuted at #1 in Native American stories. She has also enjoyed a place among her peers in the Top 100 historical fiction authors on Amazon, climbing to #23. She and is a native Mississippi belle currently residing in greater Nashville.

Marc Van Lue

  • Hometown Kansas City, MO

Mark King

  • Hometown Orlando, FL

Matt Neumayer

  • Hometown Fayetteville, AR

Matt Nichols

  • Hometown Boston, MA

Mike Mathews

  • Hometown Charlotte, NC

Mike Mathews was born in Little Rock, grew up in Fort Smith, AR and is the eldest of four sons born to a father who was a drummer and a mother who is a singer. He started playing drums at the ripe old age of four (poor mom) started gigging with brothers Larry and David at thirteen and at the age of fifteen, landed his first club gig on piano with legendary steel guitarist Bob White (Hank Thompson’s Brazos Valley Boys) and White’s Crossroads Band: that was 1973. Mike’s dad was the drummer with the band. He was introduced to the world of “sing-along” or dueling pianos by his already seasoned player - brother Dave in late 1988. Mike was hired by veteran piano player Ken Goodwin in 1990 as a sing-along piano player at O’Briens at “Bricktown” in Oklahoma City where he learned the show ropes. After six months with Goodwin, Mike relocated to Dallas, TX where he went to work at Alley Cats in the West End Market Place and received extensive show training from other seasoned players and innovators becoming Alley Cat’s entertainment manager along the way. After two challenging years in Dallas, Mathews went on to do a six year stint for Howl at the Moon in Cleveland, OH and in Columbus, OH as the entertainment manager After learning that Howl at the Moon would move in a different direction than the traditional show format, Mathews left the company and began working as a freelance player. Mike has been lending his coaching and mentoring abilities to help train newcomers to the craft and encouraging new talent to stay true to the industry’s standards and by continuing to hone their skills. Mike Mathews has performed for all of the major venues or with their players at one time or another including one of his favorites since 2002 Blazin’ Pianos at D J’s Dugout in Omaha, Nebraska. He resides with his wife Alison, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Nate Sangsland

  • Hometown Destin, FL

Keith Allen

Keith Allen began to play piano at the age of 3 and after years of playing for family and friends at home, church and school functions, he found himself with a full time job playing piano at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor in his hometown of Melbourne, Florida at the age of 16. In 1993 a new and exciting entertainment concept came to Orlando in the form of a club called Howl at the Moon Saloon. The dueling pianos concept itself was becoming increasingly popular all over the country. Dueling Pianos clubs began popping up in major cities across the land and in smaller markets as well. Keith saw this as an opportunity to help spread the concept and to get out and travel again. So, having a couple years of dueling experience under his belt, he struck out as one of the nation’s first free lance dueling pianos players. As a free lance player he has had the opportunity to play all over the United States and work with dozens of talented performers. In addition to performing at corporate and private events, Mr. Allen is currently the Entertainment Director and Owner of Blazin’ Pianos in Omaha (new venue coming in 2016) and provides talent for the Blazin' Pianos show at Brewsky’s in Lincoln, Nebraska. Keith Allen has been involved in the implementation and management of the Blazin' Pianos show in Nebraska since it's inception at DJ's Dugout in June of 2001.

Upcoming Shows
  • Thursday, April 27
  • Friday, April 28
  • Saturday, April 29

Matt Tobin

  • Hometown New York, NY

Described by his mother as "her youngest child," Matt started playing the violin at age five, made his illustrious stage debut as "Puppet #2" in the Eastbury Elementary School's 1992 production of Pinnochio, and spent several years honing his piano chops as Co-Captain of his high school math team. Matt is active in the dueling circuit throughout the New York/New England area, has performed at Dueling Piano bars in 17 states, in Europe and throughout the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas on cruise ships. A third-place finisher in the 2015 O"Henry Pun-Off, he is widely considered* one of the 500 best violinist-pianist-rapper-punsters in the Northeast. He grows his own beard. *by himself

Peter Hernet

  • Hometown Osh Kosh, WI

Peter Hernet is a self-taught piano player who began playing at a young age. As a teenager and young adult he was part of a cover band until he was introduced to the Dueling Pianos concept at Howl at the Moon – Milwaukee in the year 2000. Over the next 16 years he honed his skills and was a regular dueler for Lucille’s Rockin’ Pianos in Milwaukee, WI, Piano Fondue in Madison, WI and Knotted Pianos in Appleton, WI as well as working as a free lance dueler. His unique mix of comedic and musical talent makes him a favorite wherever he plays. Peter has shared his skills with new up and coming players mentoring and training them in the traditional dueling pianos format for the last 10 years. He currently resides with his wife and 6 children in Oshkosh, WI.

Vince Orlandi

  • Hometown Los Angeles, CA

Vince comes from a musical family -- his mother and father have been some of Cleveland's busiest professional musicians for decades! Vince grew up learning the piano right in his living room and began playing professionally in high school. Originally playing for weddings, in bands, and at nursing homes, Vince developed a penchant for learning a broad range of songs -- even (and sometimes especially) ones that weren't expected from one guy and one piano. During his pursuit of a degree in economics, a friend with big connections (okay, big connections for Cleveland) got him into a busy Saturday night at Howl at the Moon -- underage, with "X"s on his hands, the whole bit! The unpredictable, hilarious, wonderful display stuck with him, and later that year, he took the stage for his first dueling piano show. Over the next six years, his dueling piano career took him from that one terrific stage in Cleveland to bars across the country, to weddings, to college campus concerts, to private parties for organizations ranging from the U.S. military to Nike, and to more places that are just a blur at this point! Currently living in Los Angeles, Vince's pursuits will soon lead him overseas, with gigs in the Mediterranean and in Japan on the docket for 2016. Vince is always excited to come to Nebraska for good times, great crowds, and the terrific cast of entertainers who make every weekend a show to remember!

Whitney Maxwell

  • Hometown Des Moines, IA

Travis Von Cartier

  • Hometown Los Angeles, CA

Travis von Cartier was born and raised in the suburban wastelands of Phoenix, Arizona studying piano privately as well as euphonium, tuba, and bass, later teaching himself most other instruments by the end of his high school career. He is thankful for his tenure as a nerdy drum major in high school marching band and to his mother(and yours) for making him take piano lessons at such an early age. He finds great enjoyment in playing smooth yacht rock hits of the late 70's/early 80's as well as speed metal, cheesy new wave, and ignorant rap. Recently awakening from cryogenic hibernation in Northern California, he currently resides in Los Angeles where he also works as a living instrument/studio musician/producer having worked for such artists as Dr Dre, Pharell, Common, Talib Kwali, the Game, Busta Rhymes, Rza, and Eminem.

Justin Flagg

  • Hometown St. Louis MO